“Masudasei Pan” A tiny bakery in Gaienmae/Harajuku

ますだ製パン(Masudasei Pan) is a bakery that I want to introduce to you this time. 🙂 It’s located in Gaienmae/Harajuku area, in Shibuya-ku. The college I’m going to is in Yoyogi, and since it’s quite easy to walk to Harajuku (20~30 minutes) I do so every now and then. Advertisements

Looking at cherry blossoms is pretty and all, but try and eat them once!

It’s the cherry blossom season in Japan! A little bit too late due to cold weather, but now they eventually started blooming! happy cherry blossom eating everyone! Wait, what?! Eating?! Yep.No kidding. xD The cherry blossoms , or Sakura, here in Japan are not only looked at, they are also processed to pickles, syrup or…

How to; Food delivery in English in Tokyo

Japans cuisine surely is awesome. And even though Japan is known for selling food at horrendous prices, one can easily find affordable places that will serve you yummy food. However, that certain day will come! That day when your body is craving for Junk Food. And you want it to be delivered! When I started…

How to home cook. Learning at ABC Cooking Studio

To close the gap between ideal and reality, I became a member at ABC Cooking Studio here in Tokyo. ….a year ago…I went two times now…5 days ago to bake Bread, and yesterday to actually cook something. How does ABC Cooking Studio work? Check it out here: