Apple syrup and candied Apple crisps

So, being grounded for my whole summer holidays, I turned my kitchen into a busy place. Kind of. And only on the days I could literally stand through the process of preparing or cooking.  At the end of May I started pickling Japanese plums in sugar, to get a sweet and sour and tangy syrup…

Codfish 2 days, 2 ways 

Since I found Codfish filets for a good price at the supermarket, I decided to make a super simple fish soup, and a Japanese rice porridge, Zōsui, with it.

Savory Mango dishes are a thing

The partly forced home cooking continues.  I am a huge fan of eating out. And I’ll be honest, convenience plays the biggest role. However, for the past few days I kept on cooking.  It’s summer, and it’s hot in Tokyo. Refreshing food is THE message my stomach is constantly sending up to my brain.  A few…

Frozen Tofu Frenchtoast

You know and maybe love French toasts. You know and maybe love Tofu. Have you heard about Frozen Tofu? It makes a great substitute for bread in your French Toast. Have a sweet protein boost.

Korean style late night snacking

Probably the most famous Korean street food. Ddeokbokki. I love it bought from street vendors, but I also like to make it at home.

Baking classes: Maple Almond Bread

The other day I went to ABC cooking in Tokyo Midtown, to take my second class in bread baking. We made a, so called Maple Almond Bread. A really soft and kind of moist sweet bread dough with a egg-white-almond flour-orange peel-cream topping. It wasn’t too hard to make, even though I’m not in best…

How to home cook. Learning at ABC Cooking Studio

To close the gap between ideal and reality, I became a member at ABC Cooking Studio here in Tokyo. ….a year ago…I went two times now…5 days ago to bake Bread, and yesterday to actually cook something. How does ABC Cooking Studio work? Check it out here: