Baking classes: Maple Almond Bread

The other day I went to ABC cooking in Tokyo Midtown, to take my second class in bread baking. We made a, so called Maple Almond Bread. A really soft and kind of moist sweet bread dough with a egg-white-almond flour-orange peel-cream topping. It wasn’t too hard to make, even though I’m not in best…

“Masudasei Pan” A tiny bakery in Gaienmae/Harajuku

ますだ製パン(Masudasei Pan) is a bakery that I want to introduce to you this time. 🙂 It’s located in Gaienmae/Harajuku area, in Shibuya-ku. The college I’m going to is in Yoyogi, and since it’s quite easy to walk to Harajuku (20~30 minutes) I do so every now and then.