There is this awesome phrase in the Korean language that’s used instead of asking “how are you today?”.

It is: “Have you eaten already?”. At first it might just sound like any other greeting, but it’s easier to say “Hi, yeah I’m good. All’s cool.” than “Yes. I’ve eaten. I’m all ok.”

After all, food is essential for all of us, so even if you’d try to hide it and avoid an honest answer, your facial impression will show, if you’re really not hungry.

To me ” Have you eaten already?” shows this bit more interest in the other person.

What I’m planning to do here:

There are millions of food bloggers out there. There are zillions of recipe creators out there. There are even more people who take amazing food pictures out there.

Shockingly, I learned that many of these food-photo-bloggers don’t even eat everything they order….I’ve actually seen it with my own eyes here in the City. More than once. Something that wouldn’t happen to me. Seriously.

So, am I trying to line up behind all these great food bloggers?


Why not?

-Well firstly, I am not a constant enough blogger. Secondly, I’m not the greatest photographer.

Well, does that mean I’m going to write down my home cocking recipes here?

-Hell, NO! As much as I love to eat good food, I’m a horrible cook. Homecooking for me is only a tool to surviving. The taste is average or below. The visuals are mostly saddening.

However, I will write about food nonetheless!!!

I’ll make this blog a

1) “Home Cooking Diary” to keep me motivated to rumble in my kitchen.

2) Eating out in Tokyo/Hamburg Diary for me and those who cope with lazy bloggers.

and almost most importantly


I mean, let’s be honest. Travelling=Eating eating and eating!

Food is the better language!

It tells you so very much about the culture that you’re visiting. It can help you connecting where language fails you. Food is good!

I want to keep a record of what came across the tables I was sitting at in the different places.
Follow me??? YES!!!


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