Frozen Tofu Frenchtoast

Good morning from Tokyo!
It’s rainy and mushy in the city today. I am knocked out by unnerving lumbago for a week now, but I have to leave my sick bed for a trip to the middle of nowhere in Saitama today. Well actually , I’m on my way right now.

Rainy days call for all kind of foods. I like crispy stuff on rainy days. I’m not talking about healthy crunchy, but fatty or sugary crispy.

A week of immobility caused my food stock at home to thin out drastically.

But I still had Tofu in the freezer!

That’s right. In the freezer. Frozen Tofu is  perfect diet food. Simply put Tofu in the freezer and the cells will break down, releasing heaps of water. When you defrost the tofu, you’ll be able to squeeze it out and it turns into an edible sponge. The Tofu now is slightly lower in calories, ready to absorb all kind of fluids and delivers a great texture.

I needed a sweet head up this morning. Urgently. But with no bread in the house,  I defrosted the Tofu and made Frenchtoast with it. It’s easy. Just substitute bread with the defrosted and wrung out Frozen Tofu.

I let the Tofu sit in the batter for about 15 minutes.

And since you won’t get a crisp surface easily, I used up all the batter during the baking to make layers around the Tofu.

Voila! Breakfast time.

Freezing the Tofu for about 24 hours is fine. You can keep it in the freezer for longer. I try to use it within one week though. If you want to squeeze out more water, defrost in the micro. Be careful not to smash the Tofu. Soft Tofu is unfit for this. 


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