Coffe floats and Iced Coffee. The confused German in Japan

You maybe thought it was green tea, that keeps Japanese going all year round. I doubt that.

Chilled brown and bitter water. Sometimes more ice cubes than fluids. The most refreshing elixir of every hard working, and not so hard working Japanese during hot summer days.

Iced Coffee! 

My first encounter with this caffeine broth here in Japan, was one of the sadder kind.

You know, when you order Iced coffee, Eiskaffee, in Germany, you’ll get at least two huge scoops vanilla ice cream in a high necked glass which is filled up with freshly brewed coffee and topped with a load of whipped cream.

So that’s what I had in mind when my Summer heat ridden brain slowly digested the Japanese writing on the menu. Caffeine, sugar and fat. In one serving. That’s what I needed and ordered.

And then it came. A sweating ugly glass, filled with plain bitter black coffee and ice cubes. Nothing more nothing less. I didn’t dare to ask what went wrong, because when I looked around me, almost 80% of the other guests had the same sad set in front of them. At least I was caffeinated.
Later on I learned, that if I want ice cream in my cold coffee, I’d have to order a coffee float! It’s still miles away from Eiskaffee, but definitely a close call.

And refreshing nonetheless. Food-lesson learned.


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