Hudson Market Bakers in Azabujuuban. Great cakes and cookies American style.

I am having THE sweet tooth. It’s an addiction and I’m not generally proud of it. Next to chocolate, cakes and cookies are my hips’ death sentence.

Here in Japan you will often find whipped cream loaded heavy cakes. The typical “strawberry shortcake” is a sponge cake with several layers of cream and strawberries.

It’s the first thing people will think of when it comes to buying a birthday cake.

Now, as much as I like cake, it shouldn’t have too much whipped cream in it as it makes me kind of sickly. So during my stay here in Japan I started to enjoy pastries a lot instead.

However, sometime last year in August heaven opened up in Azabujuuban for me.

HUDSON MARKET BAKERS is a tiny lovely bakery that delivers delicious non whipped cream cakes to your plates. Their use of different spices and grains or fruits will let your taste buds forget about soft white bread based carb bombs.

(not that they are bad. I love that too… but…but…this is better ;D)

The owner apparently lived in New York for nine or some years, and when she came back she started to miss the cake shops there. So she decided to open up her own.

What do they have?


Their assortment changes slightly now and then, but an always bestseller seems to be the New York Style Cheese Cake. And it surely is great. The piece is huge, so the price which first seems to be expensive, gets considerable.

Also can cream cheese be a rather expensive ingredient here, so they may be forgiven.

I prefer it without the cherry sauce though. In my opinion it misses a certain sourness to it (and it’s cheaper). The other day they were having a passionfruit version, which was heavenly. I hope they get back to that when it’s getting warmer outside.

Hudson Bakers Cheese cake

You will find Mud Cakes, pecan pies, peanut butter sour cream scotch cake (no cream filling) and so on.

Hudson bakers IMG_3532

They also have a delicious carrot cake, which was the very first reason why I went there when it first opened. At that time they were still using a sugar icing and the taste reminded me more of ginger bread than the actual ginger bread.

They now changed it to a cupcake with cream cheese topping and it became more juicy. You see that empty space on the down right in the upper picture? You got to be lucky to get your share of carrot cake muffins here….

The ginger bread they have is really spicy and malty. If you’re a fan of milder ones you should reconsider your choice. The banana bread is rich in banana flavor and juicy. A perfect sweet breakfast. 😉

Muffins are new on their menu. So I tried them today. I took the Cranberry Yogurt Muffin.

Cranberry Muffin_3535         cranberry muffin_3538

It is yummy! The rich amount of cranberries give it a certain tartly-ness which is just right when you want something sweet but not too overwhelmingly. The cinnamon crumbles on top were so good that I maybe or maybe not picked them all from my plate…

Hard cookies and Biscotti are also available. I got me their new spice and grain cookie for tomorrows breakfast. YaY! The baker makes her own Granola. I haven’t tried it yet, because as much as I adore the shop, I can’t deal with the enormous price of it.

IMG_3534                 IMG_3537

The inside of the shop:

Of course, you can get everything for take-away, but you can also spent some quality time in the store while enjoying your cake. on the 1st floor you’ll find about 8 seats.


And the steepest stairway ever will bring you to the 2nd floor with another 4 rather simple tables and a view into the open kitchen.

IMG_3540                                                    IMG_3536

Everything is very simple and rather functional. I like that though.

My bill today:

A cranberry yogurt muffin, one hot cafe americano and the oat cookie made a total of ¥1,010.

How to get there:

After you arrived in the Azabujuuban Shotengai (which is walking distance from Roppongi) it depends from where you come from, but you’re close when you whether see a Starbucks or a Sunks convenience store.

On the side where Starbucks is located you’ll see a side street. On the corners are a jewelry shop and a Soba place. If you look up that street you’ll see the shop sign.

BEWARE that Hudson Market Bakers is CLOSED on MONDAYs.


It’s a gorgeous place with nice staff. 🙂 If you’ve been there, please let me know your opinion. Thanks!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. This sounds like just my kind of place! Unfortunately Azubujuban is very far away from where I’m staying (Kichijoji). They have some American cakes there, but it doesn’t sound as good as this one.

    1. whatcatchesmyeyes says:

      Oh man, please excuse my late reply!!! You’re in Kichijoji? I heard it’s pretty there. If you ever come to Azabu, don’t forget to check this bakery out. 😀

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