Best chicken in Shibuya, Tokyo. I like them crusty.

Japan, as most Asian countries is craaazy about all kind of chicken dishes.

The probably most loved and most famous would be 唐揚げ “Kara-age”. For Kara-Age mostly meat from the drumsticks is used(with the skin and all). A thin coating made of flour and spices to your likings embraces these little meat pieces before they’re getting deep-fried.

For the healthier Junk Food Lover there are now several products out there which allow you to “fry” your chicken without oil. In the microwave for example.

However, Japans chicken is FAT! I believe that my Body Fat percentage and that of an average japanese chicken are equally high. You find fatty soggy chicken fries everywhere. They are THE snack.

As I like chicken dishes a lot, I also tried Kara-Age here and there, but I hardly find any that I really like.

BUT! Then one day when I was wandering the streets of Shibuya, I found it. My most favorite chicken fries in Tokyo. ♡

Kin no Torikara

金のとりから! “Kin no torikara” makes the best fried chicken sticks.

The reasons:

1) They don’t add flavor to the crust.

2) The crust seems rather to be made of tiny breadcrumbs and flour, which makes it super crisp and yummy.

3) Different from chicken stuff in convenience stores or food stalls, these chicken sticks are always hot and freshly made to keep them delicious.

4) They use breast meat without the skin! That’s the most important part for me. You are eating meat and not fatty skin with meat pieces under it. It’s got structure!

I guess it’s OK to put them on the healthier side of junk foods.

S size chicken

I decided to get the S size for ¥280. Double the side will cost you ¥500 and the family size is about ¥1,000.

In front of the cashier you will find 8 to 9 different sauces and toppings for your chicken. I recommend to try as many as possible. It’s fun.

They normally have their special mix (something like crazy salt I figured), Curry salt, rock salt, lemon juice, sweet chili sauce, mayo, black vinegar sauce, a seasonal sauce and chocolate sauce (!!!) no kidding.

I prefer to pour some lemon juice in and then try different toppings one after another.

black vinegar and special mix

You find “Kin no torikara” in Shibuya’s Center-Gai, or now called Basketball street. After entering from its main entrance at the huge scrumble crossing, between TSUTAYA and a corner bookstore you’ll see an accessories shop to your left and a suits store to your right. When you pass them, turn right into the first small street that comes across. To your left you’ll see the yellow billboard immediately. 😀

People have different tastes and all, but if you aren’t a fan of soggy fatty deep-fried I want to recommend you to stay away from convini chicken and go to Shibuya for a good fast food quick fix.

picture taken from the Seibu side


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