What’s that flowery scent in your steamer there?


Starbucks Japan decided to let spring in a little bit earlier than normally.
And I am probably one of their very happy customers now!

After taking a break in 2012 the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Steamer is back!


Ok, they call it Sakura white chocolate now, but it only slightly changed in my opinion. (Well it’s a bit white choco heavier now maybe?)
I love this beverage so much. And when they didn’t have it last year, I must admit that I was quite bummed.
The taste is hard to explain to be honest, but it surely has a flowery flavor to it.
There are Sakura flavored products with a way stronger scent out there than this one. I’m sure I don’t know anyone personally who likes this drink though. I don’t understand why though?! 😀

Also back again, the Sakura Chiffon Cake: yummy! Especially the salty pickled cherry blossom on top is my favorite.


I got me the Sakura White Chocolate right away, and this years special Sakura edition prepaid card as well.

Isn’t the cups design just pretty?
By the way, I think Starbucks Japan’s prepaid cards make a nice souvenir. Besides the standard ones you’ll find spring or Christmas versions and also city restricted ones like for example Kyoto or Tokyo.
They don’t cost any extra money. All you have to do is to charge the minimal amount of ¥1000. That’s easily spent again, no?

Their spring themed goods this year are Starbucks typically pricey but worth to be checked out.


If you had a Sakura Steamer let me know what you think about it. 😀
I’m super curious.

Happy early spring~~~


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  1. So envious! I feel like Asia always gets the better version of everything, cooler flavors, prettier designs…unlike the basic drinks we stick to in the states.

    1. whatcatchesmyeyes says:

      I think I know what you mean.
      Even within Asia I felt this though.
      When I went to Bangkok
      last December and they were having completely different seasonal drinks there, I thought the same.
      I mean, I love my Gingerbread Latte around Christmas and don’t want to miss it, but a Chocolate Mint Latte was a dream come true for me then! 😉
      A case of the grass is always greener on the other side? Haha

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