Going to Nirvana and back. For Curry

It’s lunch time in Tokyo.
Several times a year I have strong cravings for Indian and/or Japanese Curry.

This time it should be Indian curry. And a lot please! If possible, buffet style. Thank you.

If you’re experiencing the same lust while you’re in Tokyo, I want to recommend you a trip to Nirvana.
… Well uhm, Nirvana New York …in Tokyo.

This Indian restaurant opened its kitchen in New York in 1970 as the first Indian fine dine with a view on the central park, and relocated its pots and frying pans to Tokyo in 2007.

For lunch time they offer a buffet with fresh salads, fried vegetables, tandoori chicken, 4-5 curries and posh desserts such as chrysanthemum cakes and lentil mont-blanc.
Rice and Naan are also included.
The price: ¥2000.

The interior can be considered fancy compared to other Indian places in Tokyo, and the location in the Tokyo Midtown complex is great. The inside is bright and friendly, and terrace seats are also provided.
In spring you’ll be able to have a beautiful view on the cherry blossoms and autumn delivers you a petit Indian summer feeling.

The food.
I enjoy the freshness of the vegetables and the fine use if spices in the curries a lot.

For a buffet style lunch the quality is very good in my opinion. The curry ranges from sweet/mild to healthily spicy/hot.

Therefor people with all preferences should be able to fid their curry.

The dessert…

well it’s a welcomed extra, but by far not marvelous.
My favorite is their coconut milk with bananas.

English speaking staff and English menu are available.

Lunch time is :
Mo-Fri 11:00 ~ 14:30
Sat/Sun 11:00 ~ 15:00

Be aware that at times it’s quite crowded and you might have to wait a bit to get a table.


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