Baking classes: Maple Almond Bread


The other day I went to ABC cooking in Tokyo Midtown, to take my second class in bread baking.

We made a, so called Maple Almond Bread.
A really soft and kind of moist sweet bread dough with a egg-white-almond flour-orange peel-cream topping.


It wasn’t too hard to make, even though I’m not in best terms with bread doughs yet.sticky dough is sticky
And wow, it tastes great!

I baked 4 pieces, but it was too dangerous to keep them all by myself.
So I decided to give two away to classmates the next day. I kind of regret that decision, maybe…tehehe

However! The me I am, I forgot the recipe in the locker at the cooking school! They are quite strict concerning
the handling of recipes, so at the moment it looks like I won’t get a second copy of it… D:
Not impressed.
This would be a bread that I’d like to bake at home once… 😦

But forgetting about the sadness, next times bread sounds awesome! Cheese curry bread.

Can’t wait!!!


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