“Masudasei Pan” A tiny bakery in Gaienmae/Harajuku


ますだ製パン(Masudasei Pan) is a bakery that I want to introduce to you this time. 🙂

It’s located in Gaienmae/Harajuku area, in Shibuya-ku.

The college I’m going to is in Yoyogi, and since it’s quite easy to walk to Harajuku (20~30 minutes) I do so every now and then.

If you’re in Japan for sightseeing you probably won’t be going in that direction, because well, there is nothing to see there.
In case you’re living in Tokyo, and happen to be in Sendagaya or Harajuku, you may want to give this bakery a shot.

The shop is very small, and they don’t have a huge variety, but what they have is original and not to find easily elsewhere.



This bakery offers a nice in-between of European and Japanese taste. Doughs with topics like mushroom-ragout or corn and Tuna have the typical sweetness of Japanese bread, whereas Danishes or hard-breads have a European flavor to them.


What I got me the other day:

On the left, a soft slightly sweet pun with burdock-carrot salad. On the right,
The same dough but this time filled with a tofu burger and mustard sauce.
I had these for the first time, and they are very yummy!
The white one in the middle is my all time favorite of this bakery.
I’m ashamed but I forgot the name of it..
However, it’s a hard bread that reminds me of ciabatta and baguette at once. And it’s filled with chocolate. That’s not all. It also got a fine note of black pepper in it! First I was irritated to be honest, because I had no idea and wasn’t expecting pepper in a chocolate bread. Now though, I crave it regularly. Haha!


Like I mentioned earlier, this bakery is small. There are no tables or other eat-in possibilities.

Below are the opening hours/days. If you’ve been there, let me know what you think about their bread 🙂

20120417-194927.jpg opening hours: 9~18 o’clock closed on sundays, official holidays and every 3rd&4th saturday.



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