Looking at cherry blossoms is pretty and all, but try and eat them once!

It’s the cherry blossom season in Japan!
A little bit too late due to cold weather, but now they eventually started blooming!
happy cherry blossom eating everyone!

Wait, what?! Eating?!
Yep.No kidding. xD
The cherry blossoms , or Sakura, here in Japan are not only looked at, they are also processed to pickles, syrup or marmalade to make all kinds of goodies to please your taste buds.

The leaves are taken to wrap traditional rice cakes(mochi)
Here is a little overlook on what I found this year.

The picture above is a Sakura Soda, which I’m drinking right now, while pre-writing this entry.
It’s a soda drink that has a nice flowery scent.

It is a bit difficult to describe the flavor of Sakura. Since the blossoms are mostly pickled in salt before processed into sweets, the sweets tend have a slight(as in very light) saltines to them.
Did your family ever used floral scented stone typed soap? Imagine that smell(not as strong though) +a scent of freshly dried hay…and turn it into “a taste” ( does that even make sense? Tehe^^;)
It may sound a bit strange, but it tastes formidable! If you like violet candies or rose flavored stuff, then Sakura sweets should be on your list as well.

The most traditional Sakura sweet would probably be “Sakura Mochi“. A sticky rice cake filled with a sweet red bean paste and wrapped in a Cherry Tree Leaf. The leaves flavor infiltrates nicely into the rice cake and gives it an interesting taste. This type of mochi is dated back to the late 17th century, and the makings vary from prefecture to prefecture.

But I want to introduce you to the “western sweets” here.

My personal favorite this year is Lawson’s Sakura Roll Cake!

The dough, as well as the cream filling, is Sakura-flavored and accompanied with sweet red beans(Azuki). NOM <;3

Another convenience Store sweets is this friend here.

A cream made of Tofu ( soy bean curd) and Sakura jam. This one is really refreshing and light! 😀

There was also a pudding, called “the precious pudding”(…fufufu) with Sakura flavored sauce as a topping.

side note:
“convenience store sweets” are kind of boom in Japan at the moment, and the different companies are trying hard to be top in that new market with producing new sweets at a super high pace.

My personal favorite Sakura flavored beverage wasn’t available this year though….What a bummer.

Until last year, Starbucks Japan used to have a “Sakura Latte” as their spring special. Well, basically steamed milk with Sakura syrup. NOM <;3

here with a Sakura Chiffon Cake.

What else did catch my eyes? Let’s see.

steamed bread. This kind of bread (mushipan) is very light sweet and nice to eat, but don’t be blinded by its lightness! These tiny things are so very high on calories!…but yummy. 😉

a picture of a “season special corner” in a supermarket close to my flat. Candies, jam, tea.

ALL the cherry blossoms! Also for real meals! Chirashi-zushi and Sakura rice:

a french patissier is having a cute shop called “le pommier” in Minato-ku. He is well-known for his HUGE macaroon and chinese zodiac eclair’s.

This is his spring special. A refreshing and fruity awesome cake!

I couldn’t have Sakura Latte at Starbucks this year, but I found something awesome at Krispy Kremes in Shibuya! @_@!

A Sakura-white chocolate-cream-doughnut!

Look at this glorious pretty piece of junk food!

and the inside! simply too good!

One reason why I love Japan is the crazy foods that are thought of here. Well, in all honesty, this passion to modify other cultures or the own traditional foods, sometimes has weird excrescences though.

I’ll post about “weird food” later. 🙂

So, now that the cherry blossoms are already in full bloom and basically about to wither, the Sakura sweets in the store shelves also start to disappear. Let’s see what comes ne~xt!

Have a good day everybody !



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