How to; Food delivery in English in Tokyo

Japans cuisine surely is awesome. And even though Japan is known for selling food at horrendous prices, one can easily find affordable places that will serve you yummy food.

However, that certain day will come! That day when your body is craving for Junk Food.
And you want it to be delivered!

When I started living in Japan in 2008 my Japanese was restricted to self introduction and greetings. I didn’t even think about ordering delivery.
Just the idea of having to make a phone call freaked me out. yes, at that time I didn’t consider online services..just because…ehm..I forgot that they might exist..

My friend, whom I came with to Japan, took it one level higher.
She would call her friend in Osaka and asked her to order a Pizza in Tokyo.
-No comment please. Thanks-

Nowadays I’m using , a nation wide interacting online service that hosts ma(aaa)ny delivery services.
I heard that “Raku Ten” also runs a service like that.

Now, I was thinking that there must be plenty of ways to get food delivered without having the
ability of speaking/reading enough Japanese.

I decided to take a closer look at possibilities in the Minato-ku area. (depending on the service, they might also deliver outside Minato-ku)

First I want to introduce you to one of my favorite Pizza Services.

Pizzakaya is an American style Pizza restaurant in Roppongi. To tell the truth, I’ve never been
there though. I’m only frequenting their delivery service.
I order online, but in case you prefer placing your order via phone, no problem.
The owner is American and the staff also speaks English.


I l o v e the Pizza there, but was hugely disappointed when I tried the chicken wings once.

On my search for delivery portals available in English yesterday, I found the following:
From 17:00 to 22:00 you can place an order from 2000 Yen on.

I’d describe this page as a “hub” maybe? You request an order, and they will place it at the requested restaurant and also do the delivery.
A clear minus though is a 15% service charge you have to pay on top of the bill.
Understandable since that is their business, but still a bummer for the already expensive
delivery food joy.

Searching the Internet a little bit, and I found a few services available in English.
I really wonder what made it so difficult for me 3~4 years ago. xD

I hope you’ll be able to feed your delivery food craving a little bit!


PS.: the pictures inserted are screen caps of the introduced web pages.


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  1. “My friend, whom I came with to Japan, took it one level higher.
    She would call her friend in Osaka and asked her to order a Pizza in Tokyo.
    -No comment please. Thanks-”

    I really really wanted that pizza ok.

    1. whatcatchesmyeyes says:

      yes I know…it’s just..a special way?

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