How to home cook. Learning at ABC Cooking Studio

To close the gap between ideal and reality, I became a member at ABC Cooking Studio here in Tokyo.

….a year ago…I went two times now…5 days ago to bake Bread, and yesterday to actually cook something.

How does ABC Cooking Studio work? Check it out here:

Ok, I think some of you know this.

How I like my food:

And what happens when I give it a try at home:         


Not so cool!

So last year I decided that I’d change! (yes…last year) I got me a membership at ABC Cooking Studio. (Awesome, I just found out that they also have an English HP.)

Since I’m a Student I got a discount. The courses I decided to take are Basic Bread Baking (7x) and Basic Cooking(6x).

I’m not sure about cooking school prices around the world, but ABC Cooking Studio is definitely on the pricier side!

Sadly it’s not allowed to take pictures or videos inside the Studio. 😦 Anyhow, the one I’m going to is inside the posh and hip Tokyo Midtown Complex.

Which by the way also houses the Ritz Carlton Tokyo, or Konami.

I’m taking the classes in Japanese, but the Studio in Midtown actually  also offers classes in English. Both times I went now, I saw lessons held in English at other tables.

The classes are well structured, the teachers are nice and friendly. There is no “oh my god I have to face a foreigner” feeling in the air.

You will get a colorful and cute DinA4 sheet with the recipes and explanations of each dish you make on that day. It depends on the weekday and time you go, but you will have to take the classes with up to 4 other students.

In my case now, it was 2 and 1 though.

Since you can make the reservation for your desired class online, you can also see who’s also applied for that day/time. If your Studio is occupied you can easily make a reservation at another one.

Just note that in case you’re feeling safer with an english speaking teacher, that you check that prior.

My first baking experience at ABC was this!

oh the master of Photography I am! Pumkin Red Bellpepper Bread.

Yesterday I took the speed cooking class. Japanese styled Chinese dishes.


all this in 60 minutes.

So after cooking everything, cleaning up your table and so on, you’ll sit down and eat with your cooking partners. While being watched by passing customers of Tokyo Midtown.

I for myself will make me a toast now…



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  1. Kylie says:

    Hi there, I was thinking about taking some classes and came across your blog entry. It was really interesting, thank you for the insight:) I had a quick question though, if you dont mind. I’m a foreigner with good conversational skills but very far from being a fluent speaker. I’m not in the Tokyo area so cant take the English class and a little worried that the Japanese class might be too difficult for me. Was wondering how your Japanese level was and if you had trouble following the class & communicating with the other students. Any info would be awesome, thanks in advance:)

    1. whatcatchesmyeyes says:

      Dear Kylie.

      Firstly, please excuse my late reply. Thank you for reading my little blog and taking your time to write me.

      Concerning your question. My Japanese skills at that time were on N1 level, and thus somewhere between conversational and business level.

      To take the classes conversational skills are well enough in my opinion.
      However, if you decide to join a cooking school, you’d have to sign a contract. If they don’t have a english version, or you in case you aren’t sure if you’d be able to understand what you have to sign 100%, then you might want to give it a second thought. 🙂

      I hope that was a little help.
      Thanks again, and please let me know how your cooking in japan goes. ;D

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